Beat Buddy Manager startup issue

I downloaded and installed Beat Buddy Mgr successfully. But, when I first opened up the program I got a Windows “program stopped working” error and it immediately shutdown. I found that if I turn my wireless network setting to ‘off’ that the program does open up and works well (my O.S. is Microsoft 10). I can then turn the wireless network back on, and Beat Buddy Manager will still function fully. Any ideas on how to startup the software without first having to turn ‘off’ the network? Thanks!

That’s a very strange error to happen. It is possible that your PC is not functioning optimally, so with certain programs that type of thing may happen. Do you have another computer to try installing the BBManager on? If not, or it continues to happen there, I will be more than happy to have a phone support session with remote viewing so I can see what is happening on your end. If interested, please download and install Teamviewer ( and send me an email at with your phone number and best days+times to give you a ring (in EST).