Beat Buddy Mini 2 - Suggestions

So much in a small gem but a few tweaks would make my life so much easier.
I play small gigs and needed drums to liven up our playlist. I purchased the beat buddy mini 2 in order to keep things simple and to add the effect of a good drummer. The Mini 2 does that! Great sound…great features…super simple…well made!


  • An external trigger system that would allow to control your settings without having to bend down after ever song. I know that the external foot switch does most of it but, the bpm and tap control is useless from the foot switch. It takes too long to get the proper bpm and in a live situation, you don’t want too much time between songs!

  • Allow to have no drum intros at start. (at the moment if I want this, I must put volume at 0 and start-stop…then increase volume to desired position) and use supp. foot switch to start).

  • Have a few settings for the crash volume…it’s too loud.

  • Re-positioning the selector switch on the Mini 2 away from screen…it’s hard to see what setting your at when your thumb and index finger hide the screen. By the way, I love the screen! it’s simple yet efficient and bright! Love it!

  • I also love the idea of practicing through the BBM with my guitar and headphones with no added processors (easy to carry), but my guitar is not quite loud enough. The drums overpower the instrument…any way of having a few pre-amp boost settings?

Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy the Mini 2. These are suggestions that I would find useful in a future version.