Beat buddy question (possible future owner)

Hey everyone,

So I owned the beat buddy mini (bought 2 years ago or so) after looking at the full one for along time.

I quickly found that it wasn’t versatile enough for me, I was really limited to only 4-12 patterns since lots of them didn’t work for my music. And that gets stale over the course of a long set.

I remember early on the beat buddy had a software part that would let you switch kits (put the brush kit on the metal pattern, things like that), is that still a thing? Cause that’s what I would really need.

I have been looking hard at the beat buddy and the Aeros but the more I look the more issues I see people presenting. I’m just trying to figure out if this is still a route I should look into or look at other possibilities.

I play mostly original “cosmic country” music. Basically if Neil young had Pink Floyd as his backing band. Lots of spacey delay and reverb over folk/country songs.
I want to add percussion and the ability to loop and or save rhythm tracks so I can add ornamentation over it. I liked the interconnectivity of the Aeros and beat buddy but would it work for me? Can I take the hip hop kit and put it in the ballad pattern and play a prerecorded rhythm guitar track on the Aeros (or create one II guess wouldn’t be a deal breaker).

Thanks for any insight

The Mini is, in some ways, a bit of a glorified metronome. Really cool and useful for practice, for sure, but the full-fat version is just SOOOOO much better for live work.

Yes, you can create set lists with existing beats but different drums. Yes, you can build your own songs and drum sets. Yes, it’s incredibly flexible.

And yes, there are a LOT of people (myself included) who use it live 50-100 times a year.

But also yes, there have been some hiccups along the way. Sometimes, it’s user error, sometimes it’s user expectations, and sometimes it’s bugs. And that’s all to be expected when you’re talking about something as sophisticated and open-platform as the BB.

Sadly, I can’t comment on the Aeros, as I don’t yet own one. But my observations on that device are similar to what I think about the BB: It’s quite deep and complex, and I think the same mix of error/expectation/bugs probably applies there, as well.

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I have BB, MM and Aeros. I find the looper is the easiest one I’ve ever used. But I don’t use hardly any of it’s cleverness.

My wife says I don’t use hardly any of my own cleverness. :slight_smile: