Beat Buddy seems Beat!

My BeatBuddy pedal suddenly started doing strange things yesterday. When I power it up, it is alternating between the Tap Screen (with the green flashing button in the center) and the main screen (showing the drum kit). My first pedal tap results in the Outro being played, after which the pedal stops playing (as it should after the Outro). Two pedal taps make it play the Transition… ad infinitum. I have to tap it multiple times to get it to shut off. After this started happening, I successfully updated to the 2.04 firmware, but that didn’t solve a thing with these problems. I also went into Settings and restored to the factory defaults; that also did not fix anything.
Does anyone have any ideas what this problem could be, and how to fix? I have had absolutely no problems with this pedal until now, and it certainly has been well taken care of. Let me know - thanks!

  • make sure you’re using the correct power supply
  • power pedal down
  • recopy the 2.0.4 firmware files to your SD card and see if it changes anything
  • insert SD card and power pedal back up
  • if you’re running a remote foot switch, run the pedal detection from the BB settings menu
  • if none of this works, try to revert to 1.8.5 firmware and update the pedal; if this does not work, contact

Thanks persist - I just gave all of your suggestions a try; none of that worked. I have sent a note to Support at the address you provided. Very disappointed…

While you wait for Support to get back to you and if you have a new SD card, you could try loading the firmware on to it. If you don’t have a new one, you can try deleting everything from your old one and reloading the 1.8.5 firmware and exporting your project from the BBM to your SD.

Still waiting on Support…
I do not have a new SD card. So, if I delete everything from my existing SD card, how do I replace those 4 or 5 folders? Where exactly can I get the old 1.8.5 firmware? What is BBM? I am kind of new to some of this stuff. Thanks for your help!

  • Check your spam folder to see if a response from Support landed there.
  • BBM = BeatBuddy Manager; you should have all your folders, songs, and installed drum kits saved as part of your current project.
  • Make sure your SD card is not locked.
  • Assuming you have managed everything thru the BBM and your project is current, once you delete the files from your SD card, keep the SD card in your computer and from the BBM File > Export > Project to SD card. This will put your folders and songs back on your SD card for your pedal; unzip the attached firmware and you can copy the 5 1.8.5 files to the card. Eject the card and try it in your pedal:
    • Power off on the pedal
    • Insert the SD card
    • Power on to the pedal and do not interrupt the power while the firmware is updating the pedal.
  • If this restores the functionality to your pedal, you can then try to update to 2.0.4.

Thanks for your help, persist. I just successfully went through all of your steps. The pedal is now back to firmware version 1.8.5. This did not make any difference, however. The pedal is still not functional. It still comes up as flashing back and forth between the main screen and the “tap” screen with the green dot in the center. Any other ideas?

Last rhing I can offer is reformatting your SD card as MS DOS FAT-32. You can then repeat the steps from my previous post, above. If that doesn’t work, 'fraid I’ve emptied my good ideas tool bag. It would be up to @BeatBuddy Support. You should hear from him soon.

Yes, I responded. :slight_smile: