---Beat Buddy still for sale...

[B]—I never used it live and it’s been sitting in a box since the band didn’t work out. I was asking $235.00 for it so I wouldn’t lose too much money but don’t really want to sell it on Ebay and pay their fees.
Anybody need a spare or want to buy their first one without paying a lot?
If interested please email me at:

Thanks, Scott[/B]

Does it come with the external footswitch? I MIGHT know someone…

–It doesn’t but it is in absolutely new condition, I didn’t use it enough to need a footswwitch. :frowning:

I’ll ask around. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about mine. Did it just not work for you? I know the external footswitch was absolutely essential to using it for me.

—Thanks for your help, I was trying to form a progressive rock duo or trio and bought this due to the lack of drummers where I live. Progressive rock takes a lot of practice and dedication that sadly where I live people can play country and just show up at the gig. Fellers, it’s in “C”! LOL
I just decided not to worry with playing and kind of just gave up…

Ya know, it’s a pretty good practice device. Sure you don’t want to hang on to it? :cool:

GLWTS, Scott

—Don’t know what “GLWTS” means but for me once I decide to sell something I do, it drives my wife crazy but I just hate having things laying around unused. I guess I’ve spent too many years broke… LOL

I think it’s ‘good luck with that stuff’. Except he didn’t say ‘stuff’.

Good luck with the sale:cool:

Thank you…

–Okay I give up, I guess a "used’ Beat Buddy isn’t high on the list of priorities for folks so I’m going to lower my price because I can’t buy anything that I can use until I sell this. Again, it’s in perfect condition in the box but no foot pedal and sorry I need to sell this in the United States.


I really don’t want to take PayPal due to their fees, I’m already taking a gigging on this. I can provide lots of proof of who I am and I do have an excellent rating on Ebay. I always honor my word…
If interested please respond to:
Thanks, Scott

Maybe we’ll improve BB enough before you sell it, that you’ll actually want to keep it :slight_smile: Some exciting changes coming with the long awaited next release.

I know a guy who’s interested after seeing what I could do with mine. I emailed him your contact info and a link to this thread. I’ll see him on Sunday (tomorrow) and ask him if he might actually buy it.

  • Rob22315

Sorry, he’s not currently interested in purchasing a BB.


—Thanks for telling him about this one…

I have a ton of music equipment and musical stuff if you’re interested in trading. I owned a music store have have since closed the store and retired from real work. Just let me know.

–Thank you for your offer, I honestly don’t know which way to go right now.