Beat for "Hard to Please"

Hi, Newbie here. I am not a drummer. What kind of beat would match Robben Ford’s “Hard to Please?”
Even SRV’s “Cold Shot,” would be close. Any ideas? Suggestions would be much appreciated!

This should get you going. I used the forum’s search function to find Cold Shot: Cold shot SRV 2018-07-09 - Multistep version

Or check on the Groove Monkee site the BB compatible Blues classics pack.
Here the Flat tire demo in the slower BPM is, what you need. But I don’t know what to do with 'prechorus" in Hard to please. This is absolutely different. But maybe in the Blues classics pack you can find some similar. This pack is BeatBuddy compatible and once you have the whole pack, and imported into BB as songs, you can pull out separate midies from the songs and combine them freely.
My Cold shot version is not really for this, as I edited it especially for Cold shot.

Thank you very much!