Beat for Streets of Philadelphia?

What a great forum and resource. Thanks to all those who are able to and have contributed to providing beats. We owe you.
Does anyone have a beat for Streets of Philadelphia by The Boss?
Greatly appreciated if one exists (with Bass would be a bonus)

I’ve got it, but not sure where to post it to, AND for some weird reason, even though the MIDI file in the DAW starts at 0, BB Manager keeps adding 2 bars at the beginning?

Just tried an upload at the other place…my first beat upload so sorry if it glitches haha, hopefully it will be fine.

It is with the bass as well.

Thanks Pax.eterna. Spot on it worked just fine. When I downloaded it, the tempo was way too fast. Adjusting it to around 92 bpm works well.
Thanks again.

Cool, hmmm I did set that tempo in BB Manager at 96, not sure why it was so fast for you…anyhoo glad it worked okay…my first one - a success yay!! hahaha!

If the final bar of the song does not fill a full bar, BBM adds dead space to the beginning of the BB midi. Idk why, but that’s what happens. I control this by extending the length of the last kick drum beat to the end of the last bar.

Ahh, cool thx Phil - good to know!

Yes I agree thanks .