Beatbuddy also working with wav, not only midi?

I had high hopes that the beatbuddy could be loaded with wav loops also, not only midi loops. This would make things much easyier instead of building drumsets and using midi loops. Sure enough it is a nice thing to change drumsets which is a feature I often use. But adding the wav feature would improve the Beatbuddy tremendously.
Any plans to have this feature in the future (uh, sounds nice)?


Does anyone care to answer?
I would be glad to have some information on this subject.

This has been answered numerous times here and is also part of the FAQ

Can I use WAV files as loops instead of MIDI?
As of now, this is not supported, but we plan to add this feature in the future.

The problem with using wav loops currently is their size, currently the max sample size is 3mb, also a wav loop would not adjust very well to tempo changes, although it would be cool if they could implement that - I think it would be a lot of work.

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Thanks again Psalm,

now I remember where I read that the Beatbuddy will have this feature added. I hope for the best as this was also a part of my buying decision. As for the WAVs maybe they can use REX or another format that allows for some tempo adjustment and still have some sort of compression to bring down the sample size. I hope for the best…

Adding format decoders is not so straightforward for an ARM architecture.
Unless I manage to find something like “K-Lite Codec Pack” for ARM :slight_smile:

There was indeed a talk about to make BeatBuddy play a backing track. So this issue will most likely have been solving in the future.