beatbuddy and Ableton sync problems


I have connected Ableton live and my Beatbuddy pedal via midi.

The beat buddy is receiving tempo from Ableton but there are two problems!! …

  1. The Beatbuddy dos not receive the tempo until I “press play” in Ableton. This leads to a delay every time I change the tempo in Ableton because it takes a couple of seconds for the beatbuddy the “get the correct tempo”. Are there any way to send the tempo change to the Beatbuddy BEFORE starting the song ??

  2. The tempo on the beat buddy changes during playback… ??? When for example the tempo in Abeton is set to 120bpm - the beat buddy receives the correct tempo BUT when I start playback it varies from 120-119 (???) during playback. Very frustrating - and useless Anyone have any idea why this happens ??

If someone can help me it will improve my life-quality by 85%