BeatBuddy and Aeros Looper Tempo and Preset Sync

Hello everyone,

I have the BeatBuddy, the Aeros Looper and the Midi Maestro connected with the schematic provided by Singular Sound.

As an example if I record a song on the Aeros at 132 BPM over a BeatBuddy beat Preset that was at first by default at 100 BPM where I manually set it to 132 BMP, then from there it works just fine, but when I shut down my units and I reopen the BeatBuddy looses the tempos setting I have set and it returns to 100 BPM. Is there a way that I do not have to manually reset the desired tempo each time I load a song on the Aeros Looper.

Wouldn’t be nice to have the Aeros Looper to remember the BeatBuddy preset associated with a specific song and the BeatBuddy to remember the tempo that was used over the Aeros.

I have read that there are some ways to put the beat buddy as a slave, so the Aeros would send the midi data to the BeatBuddy. I tried it without success.

What happen having the midi Maestro in between acting as the master?

I don’t know how to solve that tempo and preset sync between the BeatBuddy and the Aeros Looper.

Do you have any clue?

I believe there’s a setting in the BB that tells it to remember the last BPM tempo you use for a particular beat, rather than defaulting back to the original BPM tempo. That’s the only way I know how to do what you’re asking.

Thanks! I will do a search!

Hey there,

unfortunately, this is caused by the way the Aeros currently behaves: check out this forum post on the subject

We are working on finding a way to make this a thing of the past, thank you for your feedback!

Thanks! :slight_smile: