beatbuddy and ezdrummer 2...

i have ezdrummer 2 and i have the beatbuddy.
it would be awesome if they worked fully together.
i’m talking about effectively creating new beats, patterns and songs in ezdrummer and then import them to the beatbuddy.
i’ve set it up so i can audition all the beats from bb in ezd and that is a really great and easy way to choose the most suitable beat, for any song.
even greater is that i can use the awesome feature in ezd called “tap 2 find” and then use the filter to only choose to match beats that are available in the the bb.
i still haven’t tried this, but when you’ve found the beat you’re looking for from the bb library, you should just be able to import it to the bb and you’re good to go!?

the problem is that if i want to import an awesome beat from the ezd library into bb, the midi won’t match (correct me if i’m wrong).
to make this work you would have to edit the midi from ezd to make it sound right in the bb.
i just checked in the setting for ezd and i found something that made me curious.
if you go to settings, midi libraries, e-drums, you see a tab called “midi mapping”…
there is a dropdown menu that says “none”.
if you click it, the dropdown menu says: alesis, roland, yamaha, other.
if the bb team made contact with toontrack and asked them politely to add the beatbuddy to that list, the compatibility between ezd and bb would be complete, right?
maybe they already are compatible using the “other” option…?

The midi mapping in EZDrummer is for when you want to play EZDrummer sounds from an electronic drum kit (via USB) or in fact any midi source (such as a midi keyboard or drum machine) so adding a BB setting wouldn’t help unfortunately.

ok, that’s too bad…:-/
thought/hoped i was onto something really nice there for a short while, hehe;-)
i’m pretty terrible when it comes to both drums and working with midi, so i’m looking for easy solutions;-)

I found the answer to be EZDrummer2 and Apple Logic DAW

that’s great news:-)
i’m a pc guy and my daw of choice is cubase, but i guess most everything that’s available in logic is available in cubase and vice versa, so i’ll check that out, if i can apply your solution to cubase:-)
thanx Norbert:-)