Beatbuddy and Infinity looper


I purchased the Infinity looper the other day since it has the option for midi sync with the Beatbuddy.

So far its working great except for one minor detail.

When the Beatbuddy is not in use (not paused) then it seems to keep sending sync signals to the looper.

This mean that if i want to use the looper without the BB then i am stuck with the BPM set on the BB and the only way to follow the beat is by looking at the small red ARM light on the looper.

Naturally this is undesirable and i was wondering if there is any way to disable midi sync commands from the BB when its not in use (or inactive i guess)?


I use the VoiceLive3 and can toggle the incoming MIDI On/Off, on the VoiceLive.

Anything similar to this on the Infinity?

I agree it would be nice on the BB pedal to have a similar setting to toggle the MIDI ON/Off, Instead of having too disconnect/unplug chords.

Boomerang III is definitely not having that option, so most likely such functionality should be added to the BetaBuddy (to turn off standby MIDI quarter notes).

The Infinity does not have an option like that either.

So yes, a “Turn off standby MIDI quarter notes” would be a great setting in the BB :slight_smile:

When the BB is stopped, the Infinity will continue doing it’s thing at whatever tempo it was at before the stoppage. It’s no longer syncing so drift is possible over time. It’s also a little tough to use the looper at that point because all you have is the little ARM light. However, instead of stopping the BB, just pause it and it will give you a visual display as to what’s going on, as well as keep the looper and BB in sync.

I swear there was a setting on the Infinity to ignore MIDI on a preset by preset basis, so changing the preset is all that’s required for "free-form " usage. I’ll have to look at that.

What i see is that when the BB is stopped then the Infinity continues to follow the midi sync beat from the BB.

It does not appear to drift of or anything. Actually if i adjust the BPM on the BB then the Infinity light also speeds up or slows down. So to me it clearly looks like that there is an active sync going on even when the BB is stopped.

Beat Buddy has a MIDI THRU setting in main pedal settings…this stops midi signal to infinity

Beat Buddy has a MIDI THRU setting in main pedal settings…this stops midi signal to infinity

What are you suggesting? Change setting to midi thru? How does that help achieve the goal of stopping the tempo from being sent when you’re in a gig situation? I don’t get it.

Hi :slight_smile: Did you ever find a solution for this? I am having the exact same issue now. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks persist for link and patience. However I am not sure this is the answer to my issue. Pls see my comments.

  1. Make sure the firmware and the apps for both devices are the most current. Although the Infinity firmware is reportedly at 211, after updating, the looper displays 210.

My firmware is up today. I am currently running 2.11

  1. Connect the two pedals using the BB MIDI sync breakout cable; insert a male-to-male 5-pin midi cable between the BB MIDI Out to the Infinity MIDI In (making the BB the master).


  1. Pigtronix suggested trying any one of the options below to improve the functionality of these two devices:
  • Turn off MIDI clock out on Beat Buddy.
  • Using the Infinity app, you can actually set the Infinity to ignore incoming MIDI clock.
  • Using the Infinity app, tell the looper exactly how many bars long the loop is.

I have tried these methods (except "- Turn off MIDI clock out on Beat Buddy " - but I believe that is not the solution since this will disable clock sync). The methods suggested solves a lot of issues, amongst them pitch shift, syncronisation etc.

However, my issue is that I don´t want to turn of sync with BB. I am totally dependent on that wen using BB songss. If I turn MIDI clock off, that means that when I loop songs with BB, the loop does not sync and therefore starts drifting off. So turning off is not really an option.

What I need is a way to deactivate sync for certain songs. Eg I play a couple of song with BB and loops. Then I want to play a song that uses only looper. Since MIDI clock is active I cannot trigger my loops to start directly (since they are time with the BB). That makes it almost impossible to get loops in sync.

If I turn MIDI clock off, this works, but then when I want to play a song with BB I have sync problem again since my loops does not sync with the BB. Only solution I have for this right now, is as earlier mentioned to unplug MIDI-connection when playing songs “outside” BB.

I´ve looked around for a solution for this, but not yet found one. I´ve had a lot of good advices and service from Pigtronix as well, but we´ve not yet found a good solution. If my issue is unclear I could make a short video to explain it (show don´t tell :))


Sorry I couldn’t come up with a fix or a workaround. I went back thru the midi commands document for the BeatBuddy but could not find one that would accomplish what you are looking for. There may be a solution with OnSong and you might want to look into but I think that it’s still dependent on the BB firmware’s ability to enable/disable Midi Sync on a song-by-song basis. @BeatBuddy Support: am I missing something that can help this user? If this capability doesn’t exist for the BB, any chance that it can be added as a midi command?

Currently, there is no enable/disable of MIDI on a song-by-song basis. @Music is everywhere Try this setting: Main Pedal > MIDI OUT > Sync > While Playing. Does that solve the issue for you?

:slight_smile: yes!!! I belive it does. This way BB only take over my Looper when I am using it. I can now easilly play one song with just the looper while the BB waits. Next song I simply kickstart the BB and its all in sync. Just tried it once but I believe this is exactly what I was looking for. Awesome.

Thnx for quick and quality support.:):cool: