BeatBuddy AutoPilot 2020?

Thanks @DavidPackouz. I truly do love this product. In an hour I’ll be rocking a bar downtown in a way that just wouldn’t be possible in a guitar/piano duo otherwise. This pedal, along with a looper and a two talented musician has really made it possible for us to do some cool stuff.


Dear @DavidPackouz
In response to your post above, I have to say it is little more than a further example of the ongoing patronisation of long time BB users. Users that invested in your start up company by supporting and paying for a product that you seem to have abandoned support for.

Instead you are pushing out more new hardware without ever addressing the fundamental issue with the BB Manager software provided 10 years ago. Despite constant promises of ‘something’ in pipeline, dont know what, dont know when.

Forget Auto-Pilot (for the purposes of this discussion). How about just getting the software

a: Stable
b: Able to installs and function correctly on the current OS platforms (Mac & Windows)
c: Provide the basic operational experience that people deserve and expect from modern GUI software

You are not even close to any of these fundamentals.

And please dont play the pity card 'we are only a small company". I use a number of apps that are essential to my workflow in preparing for professional gigs, that are developed by one-man band development operations and that work perfectly well, install cleanly and exist within the current operating system requirements without issue.

Having worked in software development for 30 years before becoming a full time musician, I am very aware of the structured process involved in delivering a software application. So I would assume that given you have been saying “it is coming” for some years now, you must at the very least have some ‘slide ware’ showing what you intend the new app to look like and what functional points it will address? Maybe even a mock-up prototype? So why not share at least that with the user community? I am not suggesting you provide a detailed project plan with dates etc. Just something to give us some idea of where you are and what you have in mind. After 10 years surely that is not too much to ask?

And please dont try to throw up the smoke-screen that we will only be happy with ‘perfect software’. None of us are naive enough to expect that. But you do need to appreciate that what we have now is so far from perfect that there is a huge area for improvement.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts


@DavidPackouz I agree with Mark - very few people here will be only be happy with perfect software.
Two years ago in January 2021 on the other thread about BBM updates you said

We have a better programming team now, and we are starting from the very basics first.

I said :

One general request - once you have the basics in place, please do lots of incremental releases. Do what many other software companies do - have two links on the download page; one stable, fully tested version and one which is the latest version to be used at the downloaders risk. This will build trust that work is really being done and we can see progress. It also enables early adopters to try out new functionality easily and give you quick feedback.

You said

We do plan to do this. We have moved to this type of release schedule for the Aeros and I believe it is a significant improvement.

We’ve not seen this. You did produce the BB loader, but we’ve seen no incremental progress since. If even one person was working on the BBM, we would’ve expected to see some incremental release by now. Which is why we find it difficult to believe that anyone is actually working on it.

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Guys, this thread is 320 messages long. Did “one press play” ever come out?

I bought my Beat Buddy a couple of years ago for practicing my timing, but now I want to play a whole song to a pre-recorded drum beat that moves me from verses to choruses. Right now I spend so much time trying to manage the foot pedal to transition between rhythmic sections that it is screwing up my playing.

For a standard cover song like Hotel California can’t you just hit the foot pedal once at the beginning and then it will play the whole song through according to a predetermined number of sections?

That seems like a really basic request.



Phil shared a it in a OPB (one push bass) format. I use NP SuperbassG drumset. Here’s the PBF file of the Eagles by Phil.
EAGLES.pbf (192.1 KB)

You need to import it into BB manager. The first push of the pedal won’t do anything. you have to double click to “end” the song. It plays from start to finish with one ( actually two ) pushes with no way to stop it easily.

all those pre existing forum opb were “to me” a distraction from the true potential of the platform and not what i started purchasing this stuff to do. i already had a laptop and the ability to play midi files.
its seems like the aeros is ready for real looping obp’s?
nothing showing the beatbuddy playing along.?

4th favorite feature the one press song part change.