BeatBuddy (Discourse) Forum - Error

Many of the songs uploaded by users to the old forum “Resources” on or before Nov 23, 2017 were lost during Singular Sound’s server transition; many songs have been re-uploaded and for those that have not been re-uploaded, users may may post requests or send PMs asking the original posters to re-up their missing songs.

How are you doing. Newbie here, wanted to thank you for the great tutorial on disaster recovrery. Helped me get myself running sound, after cobbling together what i could from the forum, and nearly useless official guides. Thank you! Could not find how to post a question, only how to make a reply. Do new users have to wait before posting questions? Well I do have 2… Assuming I’m not being a pain in the butt… 1. Is it possible to disable looping in song for individual parts so they can play like the intro, as a fixed time linking part. For example : I wish to retain the verse and chorus as loops however i want the little linking pre chorus to play through for its set length before going straight into the chorus? Not as a transition where my attention is centered on the fiddly bit I’m playing and not the pedal. 2: Song parts have mysteriously gone silent for beats but not entire loops, usually at the end of the part. Strange. Hopefully you can help. I would appreciate it. P.s. How do I go about extracting my looped songs as a Beatbuddy loop file (what is that format called?) So I can upload them. The forum seems to be a little thin on stuff actually in the Bradbury format. I think I have some good stuff to share. Thanks for your time! Django