BeatBuddy (Discourse) Forum - Error

Many of the songs uploaded by users to the old forum “Resources” on or before Nov 23, 2017 were lost during Singular Sound’s server transition; many—but not all—songs have been re-uploaded and for those that have not been re-uploaded, users may send a private message (PM), which is the preferred method to ask the original poster to re-up their missing songs.

To help you search for and find songs and drum sets, you can use this link as a general guide: * How to find drum sets or songs on this forum and the old one

If songs are displayed on the forum but are not available, you can try to contact the original poster of the song via a private message (PM) and ask him to re-upload the song. Some of the users are quite responsive while others no longer maintain a presence here on the forum.

How are you doing. Newbie here, wanted to thank you for the great tutorial on disaster recovrery. Helped me get myself running sound, after cobbling together what i could from the forum, and nearly useless official guides. Thank you! Could not find how to post a question, only how to make a reply. Do new users have to wait before posting questions? Well I do have 2… Assuming I’m not being a pain in the butt… 1. Is it possible to disable looping in song for individual parts so they can play like the intro, as a fixed time linking part. For example : I wish to retain the verse and chorus as loops however i want the little linking pre chorus to play through for its set length before going straight into the chorus? Not as a transition where my attention is centered on the fiddly bit I’m playing and not the pedal. 2: Song parts have mysteriously gone silent for beats but not entire loops, usually at the end of the part. Strange. Hopefully you can help. I would appreciate it. P.s. How do I go about extracting my looped songs as a Beatbuddy loop file (what is that format called?) So I can upload them. The forum seems to be a little thin on stuff actually in the Bradbury format. I think I have some good stuff to share. Thanks for your time! Django