BeatBuddy Drum Kit for Hydrogen

I have compiled a Hydrogen drum kit that I use for creating loops for my BeatBuddy.
[see updated file below]

It has the same Drum Instrument Names as the common BeatBuddy Kits (Brushes, Dance, Metal, Rock, Standard) and works for Jazz as well (the only differences are that the jazz kit uses a cowbell for the splash and a stick-on-stick shot instead of a Hand clap)

The Midi mapping is according to General Midi standards so that the export to midi is correct and can be loaded into the BeatBuddy Manager with the correct instruments assigned.

Let me know if this helps you or what you think.

I have updated the file to capture the Sample Sources.
(also some clean-up of unused samples)

Edited GMRockKit Samples (Alistair Baty) GPL

  • Tom 2 (Pitch Change on Tom 2)
  • Tom 4 (Pitch Change on Floor Tom)
  • Cymbal 2 (Pitch Change on Cymbal)
  • Splash 2 (Pitch Change on Splash)

Gimme A Hand 1.0 (Glen MacArthur) GPL

  • Hand Clap
  • Tambourine

ErnysPercussion (Erny) “Have Fun!”

  • Cabasa (Down, Up and Cut as Shaker Layers)

GMRockKit (Glen MacArthur / Sebastian Moors) GPL

  • All Other Drums

[See Updated File below (versioned)]

My BeatBuddy Kit (8.1 MB)
V1.0 First official release

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Thanks so much for this…worked like a dream.

My BeatBuddy Kit (8.1 MB)
V1.1 Fixes

  • Fix Tom 1 Pitch
  • BVP saturation corrections
  • Add Panning mods

what is hydrogen??
It has an easy UI that facilitates programming drum beats for songs using separate “short” loop patterns much like those used on the BeatBuddy.
In our use of it: once you have all the patterns for the song complete, you export each loop as required to Midi and then import it into the BeatBuddy Manager to transfer it to the unit.