Beatbuddy = drum module: Hihat normal & rim (open and closed) sounds on all kits!

Hi there,
I connected the beatbuddy to my Roland V-drum kit,… and guess what,… it sounds great!
A great opportunity for BeatBuddy to on-board all musicians with an e-drum kit!!!

The only thing that i’m missing whenever i connect the beatbuddy is the ability to hear the difference between a stroke on the rim and a stroke on the surface of the hi-hat (which give a drummer more control over dynamics).

So it would be great if these sounds are added to all available drum-kits! And,… you are able to expand your marketing efforts to DRUMMERS! (Yeah baby!)

I think that the beatbuddy could become a great tool for all e-drummers as a drum module as well as a practice tool!

(If you’d like an audio / video example of what i’m missing, let me know,… but the best thing to do is,… take the BeatBuddy to a drummer with an e-drum kit, let it rip and ask him/her what’s missing)

I am trying to get my head around how this would be implemented from a midi standpoint. I don’t know of any kits that come with variety of stick strikes in midi, other than the usual ride cymbal bell. It would be easy enough to do, it’s simply a matter of where one would want to standardize this tone. Another option would be for the rim stroke to be implemented on the hat with a velocity trigger that varies from the surface. But, I think that would get away from the feel of how a drummer would use the two tones. So, in reality, it is just an additional cymbal tone that would need a place somewhere in the midi kit. Just me thinking out loud, I guess.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply. My guess it need to be additional cymbals to maintain the feel as you emphasized.

My Roland TD-11 Module can assign any pad to any midi note i created a specific patch on the TD-11 so it would work with the BeatBuddy out of the box.

Because my drumkit generates way more sounds (and generates different MIDI notes for it) which are not all available on the BeatBuddy i needed to assign the same sound (the hi-hat open and close that is) to several pad actions to make it work.

I still think the BeatBuddy is great,… but as a drum module,… meh,… it misses something. Sounds kinda,… flat?

A lot of drummers would LOVE to get more (and way better) sounds out of their E-Drum kit. And BeatBuddy could be a perfect solution for that (most drummers drag in their laptop with ezdrummer or something to get a great sound but HATE to take laptops to a gig)

(and i even feel a recording functionality, and drum-training functions coming up,…)

Below, a list of actions the TD-11 supports.

I’ll try to get my hands on the MIDI implementation sheet of the V-Drums series: Ah, here is the midi implementation of the TD-12:

Hope we can somehow make this work enormous grin.



Stuff that my E-Drum kit can do,… :

  • stomp on hi hat pedal - yep,… the closing sound
  • stomp on hi had pedal with a quick release - you probably could guess what that sounds like,… slamming the 2 hihat symbals
  • hihat closed hit on bow (the middle) of the pad - clean hi hat sound
  • hihat closed hit on edge - somewhat longer and dirtier sound
  • hihat somewhat open bow and edge generate longer sounds (bow and edge)
  • hihat open hit bow sounds a bit more like a small cymbal
  • hihat open hit bow sounds a bit more like a small cymbal with some sizzle hitting the bottom cymbal


  • ride generates different signals on bell, bow (middle) and edge
  • the other cymbals have a bow and edge
  • all cymbals can be stopped by grabbing the edge (my guess it stops the note, i can connect a midi monitor if we need the info)


  • all have rim sounds