Beatbuddy+IPad connected but nothing

I received a new Beatbuddy in July. It has been working fine with our usual bands IPad. However, out of nowhere, we will be starting a set and the Beatbuddy and IPad are not communicating!! They are “connected” as usual but when we scroll to next song the beatbuddy won’t change. It stays on the song we just finished!! What is up? This has happened now 3x and we never know what to expect each gig or how to fix this. We shut everything down and start over and it will still pull the same stunt!! Never have I had this in 4 years of using the BB. I will go an entire night leaning over to change the song…not good when you are trying to go from one song to the next to keep dancers on the floor!! HELP PLEASE!!

So how do you connect iPad and BB? Via bluetooth and wireless adapter? Via Bandhelper, Setlistmanager or OnSong?
What firmware is on your new BB? Did you look at the settings in BB for incoming MIDI?

Have you recently done the firmware update at all?

I use the wireless MIDI thing that BB sold me. Everything is Bluetoothed together.

I went back to an older firmware in August due to other issues I was having and which was recommended.

I’ll send that firmware when I am back in front of my BB.

I hope that answers your question. And thank you!!

No. I have stayed with an older version because the newer version messed up something else last year and when I reverted back to an older version (per recommendation) it corrected that problem.

2.04 firmware to correct a foot switch problem in Sept!

2.04? Wow that’s an old one. Isn’t it about four years since this firmware? Sorry, but I don’t have the faintest idea what was possible with that midi-version or not. Perhaps support could give a hint?
I use iPad with Bandhelper via Midi or Bluetooth Midi to set BB to the correct list and song and all other instruments to the correct settings for the specific song. Firmware-version 3.9.0 works without any problem here. I have a dual footswitch to mimic the main footswitch and extra pause function. There is no problem as well.

Does this issue happen sporadically? Or do you have that problem continuous since it happened the first time? Do you change the connections between your gigs, or is everything “hardwired” on a pedalboard? Did you recheck the correct connection sequence of all your midi devices (in-out etc)? Did you perhaps accidentally change the midi in channel of BB or the midi send-to-channel in your app? Does your app (which one is it?) confirm that you are connected to your bluetooth adapter? I would as well try some newer midi cables - I had two midi cables over time that abandoned to work over the years - seemingly without any reason. Another thought… is there any new device in your setup, which is bluetooth-enabled? Could be anything, footswitch, looper, new mobile… even if it is not used with bluetooth for your setup it could act as a jamming transmitter. I once had a cheap china bluetooth receiver which killed all connection between other devices…

Wow!! Thank you for several possible solutions. Yes, it’s time for me to upgrade and try a newer firmware again I’m sure!!

This problem has been sporadic. When I look to see if anything has changed on iPad or BB it remains unchanged.

It could be the wireless midi cord that may need replacing or another bluetooth device in the room. I haven’t added anything new. I can bring the thing home and check it before we hit another gig and it can be working fine UNTIL we get to the restaurant where gig takes place!! It is baffling!!

Could the signal from the MIDI wireless cables connect and yet not send a strong enough signal to turn the iPad page?

I’ll look tonight as we play at 6 to see how it’s set and if it works.

Thank you and I’ll write down where all my settings are tonight and let you know. Just odd…

Oh and we use Onsong as our music app. Maybe they have had a new update or something as well. (?)

New firmware scares me. It messed up my foot switch but like I said it may be time to try again.