BeatBuddy > Irig Duo > Quantiloop. How to hook up another midi device?

After spending 3 days and nights in my man cave ,I figured out how to make these three devices connect and do what I need to do.These are brilliant pieces of tech mastery.The developers must be commended.Does anyone know how to add another midi device into this set-up. I have a guitar and mic into the Irig Duo and in/out midi to the Beatbuddy,and lightning adapter to midi into Ipad 6th Gen.How can I add a midi keyboard ,short of buying another interface. Would a wireless connection like the puc+ be the answer ? Thanks for any advice.

Hi Frankie_T,

One idea that I have worked on when faced with a similar issue is to create a midi loop through all devices rather than attempt to create multiple midi interfaces to each device. One of the features of many midi devices, including the BB is to set a midi thru option. This allows the incoming midi to be passed through to outgoing midi. And if you set a different channel per app or device, then you can allow other devices to ignore any midi that is not on it’s own dedicated channel.

So first of all you could use something as the following:

This allows for 4 midi inputs to be funneled into one midi output (there are many other similar devices that are very useful on this site and other makes too that do the same thing). So imagine that the keyboard is plugged into one of the inputs and the BB into another. But the keyboard is on channel 1 and the BB on channel 2. The output can then feed into the iRig Duo midi input and reach whatever apps you need. So for example you could set a piano app to receive the midi from the keyboard on channel 1. It would then ignore anything on channel 2. Quantiloop can then record the piano assuming it can access the audio from the piano app. Quantiloop could take the midi clock on channel 2 from the BB output so that the loops and drums remain in sync. BTW I have experimented with the BB and concluded that it is always better to have the BB set the midi clock as master and have other apps / devices sync to it, rather than have the clock sent to the BB (as salve) and have it sync to that. The BB is more accurate as a master in my opinion.

This is just an example. I have spent ages working on different configs with all sorts of midi setups. For example there is also a device like the one above that takes one midi input and sends it out on many outputs. There are also apps and devices (also on the site above) that can filter and translate midi messages. Your setup can therefore become very elaborate and also very confusing if you’re not careful!. And midi is a bit like water - if you don’t contain it, it will get everywhere!

You should also look at a great app called AUM. This allows you to control the routing of both audio and midi on the iPad. For example you can receive the midi from one source and easily route it to another destination. Likewise with the audio. A very powerful and useful app to have.

I hope this helps somewhat.

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Thanks so much for the reply Tom.This seems to be the solution. I found a new one for $39.99 .Have a nice Thanksgiving celebration. Frank