BeatBuddy makes some of my pedals pop upon switching.



Got my BeatBuddy yesterday after almost one year of anxiously waiting. I plugged everything in and it seemed to work fine until I realized that whenever the BeatBuddy is plugged on my singal in and turned on, it makes 2 of pedals pop very loudly upon switching them on and off.

The BeatBuddy is connected directly to my guitar amp in mono. It’s connected into my Effects Loop and it’s the last pedal in the chain.

My pedal signal chain is: Guitar > [FRONT:] Fuzz > OD [FX LOOP:] Delay > Reverb > Looper > Beatbuddy > Amp.

When the BeatBuddy is in the chain, upon switching on and off the Looper and Reverb (the two pedals closest to the BeatBuddy in the chain) they pop very loudly. Much louder than the pop when switching channels from a amp’s footswitch, for example.

The BeatBuddy is connected using the power adapter included in the package and I tried running it in 4 different outlets in several spots in my house, and the problem remains literally the same. Plugging/unplugging the BeatBuddy’s footswitch has no effect whatsoever in the problem.

As soon as I remove the BeatBuddy from my chain the problem disappears and my pedals don’t pop anymore.

Any help? I love the BeatBuddy and it’s by far the most expensive pedal I have ever bought, but this problem renders two of my other pedals basically useless in any practical scenario, which actually renders the BeatBuddy useless to me.

I appreciate any help.


Hmmm… How are you powering the other pedals? Can you power the BB with the same power supply as the other pedals? If the polarity is correct and the power supply has enough milliamperes to power everything, it might be worth a shot.


From my personal experience, cheap units without proper buffering are prone to produce click type noises when switching. It’s really strange you can only notice it when BeatBuddy is plugged, though.


“Cheap units without proper buffering?” Many, or most, of the high end boutique pedals are intentionally designed without buffers.

The BB should NOT make unbuffered pedals pop.


I agree. I probably expressed myself poorly - I tried several cheap unbuffered pedals, and this popping issue was totally unrelated to the use of the BeatBuddy.

I’ve never encountered a pedal that was good without BeatBuddy and started making noises only when BeatBuddy is used. Without knowing the concrete model of faulty units I can not give any diagnostics.

As of right now, I don’t believe it’s the BeatBuddy problem. We have a lot of really amazing (and complex!) user pedal boards pictures here on the forum that indicate that BeatBuddy is doing great. The issue is elsewhere, though it would be very useful to know the exact models of faulty units that have problems with the BeatBuddy.


Hey guys, I appreciate the answers and all the help.

Turns out the problem was on my end, my bad. When I was connecting the BeatBuddy, in order to make my patch cable fit around the footswitch I had to stretch it a bit. This must have damaged the patch cable without me noticing it, which caused all the true-bypass pedals in my Effects Loop to pop when activated. The only pedal without this issue was my delay which was in buffered mode.

When researching causes for pedals to pop upon switching I came across a forum post of some guy saying most problems regarding popping are caused by bad cables. I simply replaced the patch cable and voilà, everything is fine now.

Thanks a lot for all the help.