BeatBuddy Manager 1.40 (Windows/Mac)





First to say well done in moving forward, will install over next few days


P.S. Our version of Valerie using Beatbuddy, pre mixing, album just finished and will be on i tunes next few weeks, excuse the blatent plug on here !!


You guys sound great!!! And your drummer rocks! :wink:



Can i send you a CD once pressed,

P.S Would be a few weeks though as artwork not yet done


Have I got it right that the Beat Buddy still can’t connect to a Mac via USB cable? I pulled the card out and fed the contents to the manager that way but what a pain. If this is implemented, I can’t seem to figure out how to make the connection happen. If it’s not, then is it at least on the “coming attractions” list? Good to see an official release is finally available for us long suffering Mac platform types but this is a big gap right out of the gate unless I’m missing something. The Windows version connects by USB correct? Haven’t had a chance to explore it yet but I like the look and it fires up fast. Good non-evil type EULA too. :cool: If I’m wrong on the USB point that’s great and any handy pointers towards what I’m missing would be appreciated. If I’m not…:mad:


Just use a card reader to read the SD Card. Problem solved.


Um, did you skip over the part where I said: “I pulled the card out and fed the contents to the manager that way but what a pain.”? That would indicate that I kinda knew that. That’s not what I would call “problem solved” either. That’s I’d call a kludge.


I’m having an interesting issue … I start BBM, starts fine, parses the workspace project etc etc. I now import a song … song imports fine, drags/drops fine. BUT when I try to synchronize to the SD card, BBMgr tells me that its already up to date and doesnt need synchronization. I’ve wiped the SD a few times, same problem. So then I tried to save the project back to the workspace and I get the error message … problems renaming the workspace. Any ideas?


What error message are you getting? What you are describing happenes when you open the project from the SD card directly, whenever you make a change and save it it will make the changes directly to the card so there is nothing to synchronise.


It seems, fir whatever reason, that I corrupted my workspace, so when BBMGR tried to make my project changes upon exiting the program, I hit the “cannot rename the workspace…” Error, even though I wasn’t trying to rename anything.

I uninstalled BBMGR, wiped the SD, reinstalled the firmware on the SD. I did a clean install of BBMGR, and now all is ok.

Wish I could duplicate the error, but at least it’s working fine again.


yeah - i saw the link to the library in the BBMGR! :wink:


And away we go! Very pleased to see this software released.

Now let’s give it a spin when I’m done figuring out the other new gear that arrived this week. :slight_smile: I’ll probably be the first to try synching to the 8 minute looper in the Fractal FX8. :slight_smile:


As a long suffering Mac user, I guess I don’t understand why this is a pain. For me, it’s actually easier to not remove my BB from its pedalboard (it won’t be really set until I get it set up and working for gigs) and just take out the card. Even if I had the BB at my computer, it’s easier for me to take out the SD card, put it in the card reader and get to work. That way I don’t have to hook up power to the pedal.

Perhaps it would be good for users to have a choice, but for me at least, using only the SD card is actually easier. YMMV


Well, we all have different needs and setups. I’m primarily a home studio user and have a 16’ USB cable that goes from my pedalboard to my Macbook pro so it would be kinda nice if I could just pop it into my BB to make some whoopie with the DAW when I need to. While it’s not the end of the world to have to pull the card every time I need to do a transfer, it still reflects an unprofessional development effort IMNSHO. I just hope this is corrected sometime in the future. This loooooooooooong wait for a decent Mac version of the manager has been wearing me down. So when the official release finally came out and something as basic as this is still not there it doesn’t alter my impression that Mac users are seen as the red headed step children among the users by Singular Sound. Sorry to be so negative but the frustration has been building for a long time.


Daef tried to explain this a while ago and it is due to a problem with the drivers which APPLE need to sign - so I think your frustration should be directed towards them.


Sorry but I don’t buy this. I’ve been using Macs since OSX was first released and no other software I’ve used that was included with a hardware device I’ve purchased has had this issue other than the Beat Buddy. If my macbook can read the card from a USB adapter, then not being able to read it from the BB tells me it’s an issue with the BB and not the computer. If these things (mac and BB) can’t talk then Singular Sound (and not the end user) needs to be talking to Apple like every other hardware vendor apparently does to make it work.


Well, I should clarify my point a little further - yes, indeed, this is a temporary problem of the BeatBuddy no matter I like to say it or not. In order for the BeatBuddy to work with Mac via USB, some sort of a driver should be written. That’s totally what Windows does automatically.

This is not the problem with Apple this time :confused: However, I see a problem with their marketing logic as they force developers do a lot of extra work. However, make no mistake here - it is the temporary problem of the BeatBuddy that will get fixed eventually, and it will work with Mac via USB.


I’m not 100% but pretty sure the single board ARM computer that is the BB core is a TI OEM that could be in a lot of different devices and TI is the driver used by Windows that provides the standard USB mass-storage interface so thinking it probably would be the TI ARM that needs to get the support by Apple. I’d posted earlier that it’s possible to mount BB in a Parallels VM running XP on the MAC and OSX sees the hardware when connected but it can’t mount it natively. I’d like also be able to use the BB USB on my mac but really have found that until the update process is streamlined so that only the changed information like a tweaked song or modifications to playlists when supported can be made to be more like an iPhone content update, it is probably quicker to copy to the SD directly.


Thank you. I really needed to hear that. And for the record I’m a happy Mac user but not a fanboy of the corporation.


Okay, I followed the manager program, even put 3 or 4 songs into Gig 1 folder, did the export to pedal and synch, but nothing shows on my BB machine when I plug back in the SD card. I am bound and determined to get this thing, but it is like wading in cement.