BeatBuddy Manager doesn't connect with Beatbuddy

Hello, I’m new to Beatbuddy and it’s just arrived today. I’ve installed the BBmanager my Mac and I’ve connected the BB with the USB cable but unfortunately my Mac doesn’t “see” the device. If I plug the SD card directly in the Mac everything works properly. Can you give me some advices? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community of BeatBuddy users. The BeatBuddy pedal does not presently have USB connectivity. Continue to plug the SD card into your Mac’s USB reader. You’ll probably find that it’s going to be easier using your Mac’s USB reader anyway.

There are some excellent tutorials available from this forum as well as a user’s guide (which regrettably, is not written for Mac users but it’s close enough for you to figure out how to get things working).

After you’ve read the manuals and tried the tutorials and you run into any problems, post them here and someone will always chime in with some helpful advice.

Thanks, I saw in the tutorial the possibility to connect the beatbuddy with the USB and this was confusing me. Thanks again

My MacBook does not have a SD card reader so is there any way that my pedal can connect with the usb cable and be recognized by my MacBook. If not then this product will not be a good buy. I need to work with BB Manger to create custom drum sounds for the many songs we need to play. Thanks

The new firmware being beta tested will allow USB connectivity between the Mac and the BB pedal. Users should use Mac OS 10.9.5 or newer.

My computer will not allow me to go to 10.9.5 I am stuck on 10.7.5?

Also I understand that I can purchase a card reader and BB Manager will work. I the mean time can I download and import the same default folders that is in my pedal from your website and then how would I import them into BB Manager?

You can probably use 10.7.5 but you probably will have issues with the BB Manager application. 10.9.5 will provide optimal performance.

You can ask the help desk to see if the latest beta f/w will work for you.

Were do I find the help desk? and how then would 10.7.5 work if it will not see the UBS devise now?
How do I get My MacBook to see the devise so I can upload the files into BB Manager?

I can give you the new firmware, I will send it to you in a PM. You will however, need to get a SD card reader that connects to your Mac so you can place the files on it. Once you update to the latest firmware, you will be able to connect the BeatBuddy via USB to your computer.

Regarding the software, yes it might work, but you may also run into some issues because it is an earlier version of the officially supported Mac OS. Some users have reported it works okay, so it’s probably a hit and miss (others reported that it didn’t work so well).

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