BeatBuddy Manager erases my job

Please help!! when i use bb manager to create my own songs on the pc it works, i sync with the pedal and the songs are recorded in the pedal, but after a few days without using it, i turn on the pedal and the songs are still there, but when i open the bb manager My songs are no longer there and worst of all, when I connect the pedal to the PC it synchronizes with the bb manager and my songs are also deleted from the pedal. I’ve lost hours and hours of work because of this and it’s happened to me twice already. Someone please tell me why this is happening!

It could be because you are using periods (or other characters not recognized by the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)) in the names of your songs or folders in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). An example might be Mrs. Robinson.sng. When this happens, users get the symptoms you are reporting. Are you using the ñ character?

The big question is “can I recover my project once the songs have disappeared from my pedal?” The short answer is “probably not.” However, if the songs are no longer in the BBM but are still showing up on the pedal, it might be possible to recover them. You can send me a private message and we can check out your options but your best bet is make sure you are not using unsupported or special characters in song or folder titles.

Although this is not the cause of your problem, you should put your SD card in your computer SD slot reader instead of connecting your pedal to your computer to export or synchronize your project.

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t ry to save your project Before the sync