BeatBuddy Manager - Folders with many songs takes very long to load

When opening folders with a large number of songs (more than 30), it takes the BeatBuddy Manager about 25 seconds before it becomes operational again.
Then, when attempting to actually play one of the songs in the folder, the whole software becomes non-responsive for another ~15 seconds. This repeats every time I start/stop a song.

I tried to manually split the folder into many small “mini folders”, but every time the focus moves to another folder and back to the original folder, I need to wait the 25 seconds again. Also, there’s no way to move multiple songs in a batch (basic functionality IMO), so I’m left with a gigantic folder that I can’t really use (Songwriter Brushes in this case).

It’s important to mention that on the pedal everything works fine and I don’t experience any unusual loading times.

Long standing performance issue that many Mac users have reported (and some Windows users as well). Opening the MIDI Editor sometimes cad take minutes, if not outright freezing the BBM.

A user can temporarily work around the performance problem by removing the bbworkspace folder and downloading and installing a fresh copy of the default content bbworkspace backup folder. Once installed to the Documents folder, launch the BBM File - Open Project and navigate to the SD card. Save the project to your user_lib/ Projects folder.

Well this is obviously too much of a hassle, and also quite dangerous since I don’t want to compromise my workspace.

Isn’t there any simple way to control the directory structure from the outside? Maybe editing some external CSV file?


It all boils down to weighing risk against potential benefit.

The workaround is really not that complicated and entails little risk with the potential to improve the performance of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

There are no external .csv (editable) files.

Editing any of the BB .csv files within the bbworkspace folder or your SD card involves a greater degree of risk resulting in little improvement to performance. There is a reason Singular Sound recommends using only the BBM to manage it’s files.

If you wish to edit any of the BeatBuddy (BB) operating files with your computer OS, you do so at your own risk and it would be wise to start with a backup of your BBW folder.

If they recommend using only the BBM to manage files, then it should be at least somewhat usable, and allow some basic operations such as opening a merium-sized folder and playing whatever is inside without having my mac frozen. This isn’t hard to achieve BTW, just lazy-load the songs I wish to play instead of loading the whole folder into the RAM when clicked. Could probably be fixed in 1 hour given a competent developer.
The funny thing is, they’re probably aware of this problem, and they still sell bundles packed in 1 or 2 enormous folders, which will be nearly impossible to manage with the BBM, which they recommend for managing their files.

This is sheer craziness and I’ll obviously think twice before purchasing a bundle again.

@persist 10x for the help

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