BeatBuddy Manager not working well on Mac Parallels Desktop

Manager ver 1.3.3. on my Mac with WIndows 8.1 - doesn’t work well at all. LOTS of latency between clicking on the pedal and the beat playing, fills, etc. Distorted sound. This is definately not ready for prime time.

you could try the mac beta version on here just scan through the posts to find the thread/download link and info

When I was compiling that Mac version I’ve had exactly the same symptoms (except for distorted sound). The latency between clicking the pedal and the response was really noticeable. This is the result of using a virtual machine. A native platform always runs much smoother.
By the way, Mac beta is available here -

I tried the Mac beta but couldn’t get it to install properly. Guess I’ll have to start over on that one and try to get it installed.

OK. so I did successfully download the Mac Beta and got it to run…works well (way better than the Windows VM). Thanks.

That’s cool! :slight_smile:

Hey all. Have not had a chance to really dive in to my best buddy.
I have VM ware on my IMac and had installed the BB manager there.
Opened it for the first time in a couple of months today and got some errors And then download of the Mac version of the software and when I try to follow the instructions to load the content I kept getting file errors that the files were not compatible I noticed there were videos about how to run this installation for windows but are there any videos of how to run this installation successfully for Mac? Thank you in advance for any help and of you can give me


You only need to download the installer (BBManager.150.dmg, or you may see only BBManager.150), double-click launch it.

  1. You just drag the BBManager icon (top left icon) to your programs folder (top right icon) - just hover it over there for some time and your programs folder will open - drop it there.
  2. You drag the BBWorkspace folder icon (bottom left) to anywhere on your computer (like Desktop).
  3. First time when launching BBManager, it will ask you where you have your BBWorkspace (or use Tools > Set Workspace Location if it doesn’t!). Just point it to where you have dragged the BBWorkspace from the installer.

Your BBManager (Mac version) is ready!

Yes, the process is still not as automated as I would personally prefer, but I am working on it!