BeatBuddy manager "out of the blue" doesn't show my complete gig list anymore ....

Hi BeatBuddy support,
Today for the first time & “out of the blue” BeatBuddy Manager doesn’t show my complete Gig list anymore:(
The gig list should show 30 songs & after opening & synchronising with the BeatBuddy early today all of a sudden I lost all songs apart from the first 2 songs (I had them organised in alphabetic order) & sure enough it echoes what I have on my synced BeatBuddy now - OUCH!!!
Fortunately I have a backup SD card which if I insert into BeatBuddy still shows & plays all songs fine … else it would have been a disaster.
The dangerous thing is, if I try to sync the BeatBuddy content to a new project it copies all other folders but only the first 2 songs of my gig list folder, so I’m very weary of syncing the BB anymore to BBM.

What I tried so far without success was:

  1. Delete BBM completely including any references in c:/Documents etc. > relinstall BBm & load BB conent as described above with no success (all foders fine, but only the first 2 songs of my gig list).

  2. Importing a previous version of my gig list with 4 less songs > all fine > recreating the missing 4 songs fine > close & reopen BBM > all songs, but the 2 gone :frowning:
    Is there a folder size limitation? My gig list has now around 6MB > the previous working one had 4.5MB.

Can you please advise?


[]folders are limited to 99 per project
]songs are limited to 99 per folder
[]usually songs or folders using special characters in the name can cause problems
]I looked at your song & folder titles for use of special characters but nothing jumps out
[]have you renamed or created any new songs lately?
]which version of the BBM are you using?
[]you’re kind of on the right track to troubleshooting in your para 2.;
A thought on how to further troubleshoot this problem is to isolate the problem by a reduction process
]make sure you have a good backup of your gig list and set it aside
[]create a folder with just 15 of your songs; save the project and then quit and reopen the BB; if the 15 songs are still there, it’s a safe bet that the problem is not in one of those songs. If the 15 songs aren’t there, then the problem may exist in one of those 15. Take those 15 songs and cut it down to 8 songs and repeat until you find the issue. If you don’t
]move on to the remaining 15 songs and repeat the process
I’m also starting a conversation with you

Cheers @persist, for your quick response.
I’m using BBM 1.6.5
Yes, I have 4 new songs created today in addition to the 26 I had already on my BeatBuddy (2.0.4) since mid December & all working fine & without a glitch.

I can import a fresh gig list folder from the December backup & it works fine in BBM & my BeatBuddy, but as soon as I create the new songs & close & reopen BBM it seems to delete all but the first 2 songs in the folder …

I have created a ghost backup from my good BeatBuddy content & deleting another SD card & copying the files from the backup works fine with the BeatBuddy, but as soon as I try to sync with BBM it deletes all sons but the first 2 …

Is there a way of extracting the individual songs from a folder outside the BeatBuddy?


Working the issue offline.

Hi @persist,
Success, you are the man!!
I used a period in one of the new songs, i. e. I created a song:
Autumn Leaves [J. Mercer]
The dot after J was the problem - changed it to:
Autumn Leaves [J Mercer]
and - bingo - all sorted!!
Many thanks and all the Best,