BeatBuddy Manager Software 1.64 (Win/Mac)

Well, what I meant by Dark Times, rather than any personal “screw you” to buyers, is that I have seen in the past many online companies follow this same path. They announce this and that and keep trying to produce new product, but don’t realise that the cash-flow is drying up, or have realised it and deliberately put everything into a slow-down mode. What of course happens, is less and less people - (and please forget the 20 or 30 “converted” who post here as being representative of the wider world out there) because of these methodologies and business decisions - even become interested in looking…Ergo the company/business goes belly up with very little or no warning, and a big “navel-gazing” apology citing this reason or that reason, but in truth it was poor business practice and overblown egos in trying to do everything, but actually achieving nothing! Too many times companies “drop the ball” on what SHOULD be their core business, chasing some idealogical dream, thinking they are perhaps the next Yamaha or Roland instead of accepting they are a tiny company and because of that are more beholding to customers and opinion, than major corporations need to be. Whimsical emails and “horizon promises” just do not cut it.
So my advice, fwiw, is enjoy what you have now as there may be nothing more…viz, Dark Times.


well to build a startup is not easy and I don’t think this is the place to criticize the company’s policy…

In any case, seems like the hardware products are good, but we need to update the software parts in order to enable new functions or solve some bugs. I understand that the singular sound business is in the hardware, not in the soft part (the bbmanager is a necesary addon, but not the bussiness itself)

A proposal or possible solution could be to ask the company for facilities and have a free-software users community and write our own Free software BB Manager. I have build my own midi controller and a free software solution looper integrated with the BB… I dont know how works the BB SD format, but I Know that exists a free software MIDI editor ( Maybe building a bridge between the BB and the midi editor is not so difficult…

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All hardware needs software.
The potential of the hardware comes from the supporting software.


If I wanted to have a plug & play system where everything works as the developer wants with support software, I would have bought an Apple computer with an integrated Apple device and would pay for each new feature that the developer wants to sell me. …

But … at least in my case, I prefer to have a flexible machine with midi integration that allows me to customize it according to my own needs … In this line, I use Linux and I prefer hardware with open specifications than hardware with a cool software that only works in an operating system

I supouse that we are different users with different needs.

If you install BB manager 1.65 to your PC and you copy the exe. file from the BB manager folder from the PC with v.1.66 ( 6.508 KB ) and paste and change the exe. file i BB manager 1.65
( 6.465 KB ) into the folder. you get a version 1.66.

Awesome thank you! I will give that a try.


Yep, I know it’s all been said but I see NOTHING regarding updating a piece of software that is completely out of date and whose sub-components will most definitely be out of support! How difficult can it be and why doesn’t the mighty David P do something to ease the frustration of pretty much all his customers?

I want to like the BB but every time I have to fiddle with the manager my frustration levels go through the roof.

I very unfortunately bought an Aeros which I have given up on. The way this company treats paying customers is criminal. Come on @DavidPackouz - you could change a lot of opinions by fixing the basics. It’s not like nobody has raised this before.


RIP BeatBuddy! Looks like this is the end of the line for a very promising product. My band just lost our drummer and I thought “Ahh, I’ll just pull out my old BeatBuddy, update to the newest software, and life will be good”! REALLY? FOUR YEARS LATER AND NO UPDATES!!!? Shame on Goran, Anthony, and all that had anything to do with this abandonment. I’ve received the emails about new libraries for sale, but not a word about improving the base product. I was hoping to make some suggestions about adding some midi functionality, but it looks like that would be a further waste of my time. SAD!


@Terry_Wysocki. There have been updates to the Beat Buddy itself about 6 months ago.

Yes, the companion manager product is hopelessly dated. IMHO, there are a few basic things it should do well (sync).

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Synhronize project dosn’t work

This is a known issue and has been a problem for some time. Singular has been advised, well over a year ago; it might be two years by now. On a Mac, the work around is to use File>Export>Project to SD card. Usually after you do this, Synchronize will then work as long as you keep BB Manager open. Please be aware that Export>Project to SD Card will take a few minutes to complete. Just be patient.


And realize the above workaround will clobber the settings on your BB.

If you search on “synchronization” in this site, you will find detail on a way to save a copy of the settings and restore them after the export. Some of the posts describe steps that don’t actually work, but the basic idea of making copies of files and then copying them back does work.

If you never close the BB manager or shutoff your computer, then you can setup and use sync. Or so I’ve heard.

I understand some of the (self inflicted) challenges that led to this not being fixed already; this is not a sign of a well oiled machine.

Sadly, this doesn’t work for me on MacOS 11. The initial project import imports with missing data… Exporting the project to SD prompts me to override data to which the only answer that will allow the export to progress is “skip”.

Does singular sound provide support. I’d love to work with someone to get this resolved.

I had future plans of buying the looper and the maestro, but this is discouraging.

Please write to at your earliest convenience with your issue. Thank you!

@persist do we actually have a version of the Manager that will successfully output the MIDI files? I gather it never happened?

Hi, Neil. Do you mean Export to MIDI? If so, some users report that some of their exported files are corrupt and they can’t be opened in a DAW. Other users report that the files exported to MIDI are intact and functional.

I think SS tried to fix it in some of their beta releases of the BBM.

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Will the update erase any set lists I have in the BeatBuddy?

It shouldn’t. Make sure that you’ve synch’d your current project to your SD card and then proceed with the update.