BeatBuddy Manager Software 1.64 (Win/Mac)

@Terry_Wysocki. There have been updates to the Beat Buddy itself about 6 months ago.

Yes, the companion manager product is hopelessly dated. IMHO, there are a few basic things it should do well (sync).

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Synhronize project dosn’t work

This is a known issue and has been a problem for some time. Singular has been advised, well over a year ago; it might be two years by now. On a Mac, the work around is to use File>Export>Project to SD card. Usually after you do this, Synchronize will then work as long as you keep BB Manager open. Please be aware that Export>Project to SD Card will take a few minutes to complete. Just be patient.


And realize the above workaround will clobber the settings on your BB.

If you search on “synchronization” in this site, you will find detail on a way to save a copy of the settings and restore them after the export. Some of the posts describe steps that don’t actually work, but the basic idea of making copies of files and then copying them back does work.

If you never close the BB manager or shutoff your computer, then you can setup and use sync. Or so I’ve heard.

I understand some of the (self inflicted) challenges that led to this not being fixed already; this is not a sign of a well oiled machine.

Sadly, this doesn’t work for me on MacOS 11. The initial project import imports with missing data… Exporting the project to SD prompts me to override data to which the only answer that will allow the export to progress is “skip”.

Does singular sound provide support. I’d love to work with someone to get this resolved.

I had future plans of buying the looper and the maestro, but this is discouraging.

Please write to at your earliest convenience with your issue. Thank you!

@persist do we actually have a version of the Manager that will successfully output the MIDI files? I gather it never happened?

Hi, Neil. Do you mean Export to MIDI? If so, some users report that some of their exported files are corrupt and they can’t be opened in a DAW. Other users report that the files exported to MIDI are intact and functional.

I think SS tried to fix it in some of their beta releases of the BBM.

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