BeatBuddy Manager update?

Does anyone know when there will be an update.

I’m pretty much a beginner at this.

  • It seems to be not very user friendly.
  • I mostly import midi songs with just the beats, but I still need to edit them not just because of software. Sometimes I need add, change or delete sections.
  • The first real update would be drums and or processions, I’m not into adding other instruments that gets to advance for me.
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Check this out…

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I bought bewatbuddy BEFORE it was released and I still struggle with it. The Beatbuddy manger is AWFUL! I probably only use 20% of all the songs that I have purchased and struggle to work out where to click for the changes so two pleadings from a long time sort of and frustrated user:

  1. Please, please just scrap the whole thing and release a drag and drop software and if necessary a new beatbuddy (although a new beatbuddy might be too much for many)
  2. Also release detailed song notes that show where to click the pedal foer the changes etc.

Market opportunity here beatbuddy, do it soon before BOSS or someone else recognise what a great market opportunity there is here and destroy your business


I have been using beat buddy manager for years now. I find the complaints here unjustified. The software works just fine for most things. I find the naming of the songs as .sng a bit perverse as they are midi files, or am I wrong? I am using Windows 7, I have tried 10 but can’t understand why Microsoft downgraded to W10

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The biggest disappointment is the midi editor section of the software. I inserted a midi file of song from Band in a Box. Then I tried to edit it within BeatBuddy. I wanted to cut the intro out. I wasn’t able to it should be easy like highlight the bars and we should see option or use right mouse click. What I remember there is very few options. So I stopped using it.

When I import a midi file it is the entire song and I want to edit it within BeatBuddy.

My approach is to use Band-in-a-Box for the concept. I usually have the melody and chords and I use BIAB to find what style sounds good with the melody. Then I would send it to BeatBuddy to edit the drums. BB would be ok to edit section because it is small. But if is the entire song it more difficult.

Unless you are using a Mac which has a huge bug with sync to sd card.

I’m biting my tongue on all the issues that contribute to this not having been resolved within weeks, months, or a year of the first report.

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There is much that the MIDI editor in the Manager should be able to do. Not having basic cut, copy & paste features is a total head EDITED rattle but as mentioned in the other thread that @Rockindaddy pointed to earlier, it is something SS have told us is being worked on.

My advice, learn what the Manager can and can’t do. Sure there are bugs and limitations but what it can do is solid once you know how it works. I mainly create all my content with the Manager using the MIDI editor these days. Hopefully the new update will be similar once released but you can do a lot with what is there.

Hopefully a new version will be with us soon. :+1:

When I use BIAB, my approach is to create a midi file from BIAB. This, of course, limits my style choices to midi styles only. I then open that midi file in a full-featured DAW. I use Logic Pro X. If I want to chop a song into parts, I make those cuts in Logic Pro X. Then, I transpose the bass part down so that it falls between midi 0 and 31. If I want a keyboard part, I transpose one up, so that it falls between midi 60 and 127. Then, I can merge those 3 tracks into a single track. I then save that as a that midi file. This merged midi file can then be used as a .sng section in BB manager with one of the piano kits that has bass at 0-31 and piano at 60 - 127. It is not very difficult to do once you have done it a couple times. But, doing this in the built-in midi editor in BB Manager is a time consuming nightmare. This is why I recommend using a DAW that it built for midi editing.

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BB .sng files are a collection of midi files AND wav files that can be used as accent hits.

Ah Mac. I don’t get it. Evert time I have trie MAC I have ended up selling the thing at a loss rather than go insane. I know the Kernal deep down is Linux, I just finf all things Mac frustrating. And don’t mention large networks. Does BB manager run inside Wine?

Thanks for the setup and process. I also have Cubase Elements it’s the lighter version. I think it work with your process.

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Cubase Elements will definitely do it for you. I have used this in the past to create song sections for the Manager. :+1:

If you mean Windows, yes it runs fine in Windows (I’m using Windows 10 with only the occasional crash).

Wine is a Windows emulator. Not sure if it runs there or not. It should run inside of VirtualBox…

Ahh. I thought it was a typo! I stand corrected! :slight_smile:

Wine is/was I think a Windows emulator for Linux and Mac. I might be a bit wide of the mark it’s years since I used it. (I started programming in the 70s, I am that old!) I gave up on W10, too many crashes and too much of renaming stuff for the sake of it. Nor sure what I am going to do when all my W7 pcs expire, probably go back to Linux.

Yeah I’m a PC user so wasn’t aware of it. I am now. I’ve used Windows 10 since it’s released and it’s been really stable for me 98% of the time. We have MacBooks and an iMac here but i get a bit lost on them.