BeatBuddy MIDI Pause/Unpause


According to the MIDI command chart, the pause/unpause command is CC 111, 0 (pause) and 1 (unpause). If I want the BB to always play a fill coming out of a MIDI-activated pause, do I need to also send a CC 112 (fill) command with the unpause command, or does the MIDI-activated unpause command (CC 111, 1) still follow the BB setting in Settings/Main Pedal/Unpause behavior?

Hey there, no the fill command should unpause it

Thanks for the question!

Thanks Brennan! And just to be clear, if I send the BB a CC 111, Value 2 command, that will toggle between pause and unpause with each send, correct (recognizing that has nothing to do with the fill coming out of a pause)? :slight_smile:

All values have the same behavior, so yes!

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