Beatbuddy No Longer Syncs With New Quantiloop Pro...

Dang! This is the first issue I had syncing the two. I never had this issue with the old version of Quantiloop. Is anyone else having issues? I’ve barely used it since the update due to gigging mostly with my band. This weekend I was prepping for some upcoming solo shows and ran into syncing issues…I could get it to sync with MIDI LINK SYNC, but it won’t follow Beatbuddy stops and pauses like before. What am I missing???

I was finally going to start gigging with it. I currently have approximately a half night’s bass lines and harmonies programmed into Quantiloop Pro. I was really looking forward to using it live.

Hi Ray,
I contacted you be email as well. There is a known MIDI drift issue in some specific instances only with the Beatbuddy as master and QL as slave. The next update will have this resolved.

Hello, I really hope this gets solved because I sold my whole Infinity Looper setup to change it for the Quantiloop setup and I need it to work at least as good as it was with the Infinity Looper :(:(:frowning:

I think the Quantiloop developer posted his email address here on the forum.

Yes you can always contact us at
The clock drift issue seems to only happen with the BB connected through the IRIG Pro Duo. Nevertheless this is an issue in Quantiloop that is current resolved in the ongoing Beta.

BTW. There will be some nice enhancements in the next update for BB users as well. :slight_smile:

Oh wow! I was really hoping to use Quantiloop Pro in my next show.
Is there way to get a copy of the beta version?
When will the update happen? I didn’t anticipate this issue.
Or, is there a way to get the old version back onto my iPad?

Just added you to the beta list, you will get an email from Apple TestFlight


Oh yeah!!! Now we’re back in business!!! Everything for my purposes is working flawlessly again! Thank you very much…I’m looking forward to trying and using the new Beatbuddy controls in the Rhythm section.

Great job with the updates!

@Quantiloop can you add me to the beta testing list? I’d like to try the update too.


@Restless Ray Happy to hear it works. We are planning to make this the best looping “buddy” to the beatbuddy :slight_smile:

Hello! So yesterday I tried to use the Quantiloop live for the first time and it didn’t work :(… for some reason, the Quantiloop was reading the tempo higher than it was:

Sometimes I had the beat set at 75 BPM in the BB and the Quantiloop read it as 76 BPM, or sometimes it would read a tempo in-between, for example I had 133 BPM in the BB and the QL read 133.4 BPM. I reconnected, disconnected, restarted, turned off and on, changed patches, tempos, closing apps, opening apps, and I would get a good tempo at first but it would change a few seconds later and then remained wrong.

I was able to take a short clip last night, that shows one of these scenarios.

My signal chain is as follows:

Guitar>TC Helicon Play Acoustic>LR Baggs Session DI>iRig Pro Duo>Quantiloop>Beatbuddy>Mixer

I tried different patches and time signatures and I’d still get the same result.
I am currently using the beta version of the Quantiloop with the new Beatbuddy rhythm options.


See post #5 above.

@mcanoreagan Please contact by email so we can see what is going on. Also please verify you IRIG firmware to ensure that it has the latest version.

Hi @Quantiloop, I will update my firmware when I get home later today and I will send you an email to see if it gets solved.
Thank you,