Beatbuddy - On going issues

Well, the saga with my new drummer continues, or should I say that the sage between myself and Thomann, from who I purchased the Beatbuddy continues. They have got to be the most intransigent and frustrating company that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. As you will remember, my problem is with a drummer who stopped playing after 50 minutes and refused to re-start until I returned home, and then was happy to play again. The pedal was purchased back in May when the Covid-19 lock down meant that I could not use with my band and at the first opportunity simply did not want to join in with the rehearsal. I initially emailed Thomann on Monday evening 31st August informing them of the problem and requesting a replacement. This was met with a comment that the email would be passed to the customer care team for action. Tuesday came and went with no acknowledgement and I was forced to send a second email on the following day - Wednesday. I waited until late afternoon before contacting them on their live chat and was informed, ‘sorry, can’t seem to find your invoice details’. Sound familiar doe’s it ??? I finally called them and spoke to their customer services who insisted on repeating that they understood my problem but would not replace the pedal and that I would have to return it to them for their workshop to inspect and repair it. I told them that it would not contain any user serviceable parts, still the same reply.
We understand your problem etc etc etc. But Singularsound have contacted me and advised me to ask for a replacement, sorry we understand your problem etc etc etc. I am now stuck with no choice but to return it and in the meantime with gigs booked from 12th September look for an alternative.As far as I am concerned I will never again purchase anything from Thomann and advise anyone else to look for an alternative supplier. They are certainly not the company I wish to do business with is any way. To sum up, great product, but bad choice of distributor in this instance.
Barry Emmens ( Coyote Country Band )

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