BeatBuddy "pause" bug

         I purchased a second BeatBuddy for backup for live worship and this new unit will inadvertently "pause" during a song without being promted. It will happen at least once during a session when you

least expect it. I have been just dealing with it to this point but I hope someone in the BeaBuddy community can help me fix this bug. Thanks

Do you have an either of the external switch settings configured to the pause action? If so there could be a short on the jack which is triggering pause.

Try changing the setting to some other action. If that’s the case, then you can dig deeper into fixing the switch (remove the switch, try another switch/cable, clean the socket, etc.).

Other idea is if you have midi in connected and some device is sending a pause command.

      Thank you for your feedback.  I use the pause as one of my options on the external switch as I have on my "first" Beatbuddy. (Which malfunctioned due to the loss of power during a firmware update that prompted me to buy a replacement till i get that fixed. I see fixes for that in the forum.)  This problems exists with OR without the use of an external switch. No midi, I have not graduated to midi yet.... Seriously this is the craziest thing. I do not see any pattern to this occurance which seems to happen at the most unexpected time.  Thx

To debug this, try disabling the switch in the settings or change to a different function.

If this stops or changes the pause behavior, then you can look at the BB socket, your switch, or the cable.

Your issue is quite interesting. Here are a couple more basic steps to try:

  1. Reset the pedal settings to Default; make sure the power cable is properly seated. Test the pedal with nothing else connected to it. If it is still pausing then,
  2. Download, unzip and copy the firmware files to the SD card. Test again. If it’s still not working properly, contact for assistance.