BeatBuddy - problems with audio dropping out

Hi I’ve been using my BeatBuddy for rehearsals, and prepping to use it for live gigs. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the BeatBuddy will occasionally drop the audio intermittently after a song has been playing for some time. The entire drumbeat will go silent while the BeatBuddy continues showing the loop playing back, just the snare or kick will disappear for a few bars, then the audio comes back in eventually. Is this a known issue with the BeatBuddy and is there a firmware update fix for this kind of issue? I’ve checked my audio cables and everything seems to be ok. It seems to be coming from the BeatBuddy itself.

Do the drop-outs happen with the same song and can you share a link to or upload the song so we can test?

You might want to download and install a fresh copy of the firmware from a new SD card. The latest version is 3.80.

To isolate the source of the issue, remove the audio cables and play the song thru the headphone jack.

Hi yes, definitely let us know if you’ve fully updated everything including the update to the V2 drumsets, V1 had timing issues and this may be one of them. If not, try that and if the problem persists, reach out to for assistance.

Just wanted to follow up on this thread. After beating my head against the wall for several weeks I finally figured out what was causing the audio drop-outs with the BeatBuddy and … it wasn’t the BeatBuddy! The PA that I’m using has a special VIP mode, where one channel can override the other channel’s volume to allow someone to speak over any audio, such as an announcer. I didn’t notice that the VIP control was slightly raised on one channel. This was causing the audio on the BeatBuddy channel to be turned down as the whole band joined in on our vocal parts. This was burying the drum sounds as more vocalists came in with their harmony parts, which made it sound like the Beat Buddy would drop it’s volume completely halfway through every song :-). So the problem is solved and I feel badly for not recognizing the problem at the PA. I was racking my brain tying to figure out why the pedal was intermittently dropping the drum loops but keeping everything in perfect time.

No blood—no foul. Thanks for figuring it out and sharing the cause.

Yes, no worries, we’re glad you were able to solve the issue and the BB can shine as it should :blush:

Yes, the Beat Buddy kicked a$$ at the last rehearsal, now that we have solved the mystery of the audio dropping. It’s been a ton of fun use for our songs, adding a whole new energy to our songs. I just need to get better with my footwork to control it for our songs :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Practice makes perfect :slight_smile:

If any one is reading this thread for audio dropouts here’s what I had.
When using Aeos and BB. I changed to a slower tempo on the BB I did not notice the 2 were not in sync, so the Aeros loop would finish first but would not restart the loop until the BB got the the next measure leaving me with silence at the end of the loop.

Yes, this is a mismatch and is expected behavior, the Aeros is not capable of having a different tempo incoming than the tempo the song was originally recorded at.

We are looking into improvements to user awareness and possibly not allowing playback or recording if a mismatch is detected.

Thanks for your feedback