Beatbuddy sync

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I have a question. I managed to sync my beatbuddy to my boomerang looper, but I would like to also sync other pedals to the loopers midi clock at the same time, like a delay. Is this possible? How??

The boomerang 3 has midi out, if that is the version you have. If so, you want the midi in of the delay connected to that midi out. There should be some setting for the Boomerrang that configure that out port to transmit external clock. Or, if that fails, get a midi splitter, and run one line into the 'Rang and the other into the Delay. That way you know they are both getting the same signal.

The boomerang has an in and out.

What I do is use the bb split in out cable, and the out part goes into the in of the boomerang. I understand what you say of using the out of the rang into the other pedal. I would rather have like a 2(outs) no in cable coming out of the bb does that even exist?

No, that does not. But, Midi Solutions makes a little box that copies the midi out port and makes it into 2 or 4 ports. You would have your BB with its split cable connected to the Midi Solutions box. The you have two cable out of the midi solutions box, one going into the Boomerang, and the other into your delay.

Just for the sake of me not getting the wrong thing, what is this? I live in Uruguay so I’ll try n get something similar… thanks :pray:

This is the product I am referencing.

By the way, thanks I solved this issue… I am just beginning to midi :grin: