Beatbuddy transitions and parts with a midi sync

I recently switched from my alesis Sr18 to a beatbuddy…However I noticed I cant switch from part A to Part B as simply as the SR18 did…for example…I can easily just have and A or B button where I can toggle between the 2 parts of a song. In beatbuddy I have to press a transition…which keeps looping and then I have to select the part …which is essentially 2 presses on 2 different buttons.first to select a transition and then to select a part. Is there a way I can simply just sync my beatbuddy to a midi footswitch to just toggle between the parts ? for example …pressing a button toggles to part B and pressing a button toggles to Part A. It was really simple on the SR 18 and something I cant do on the beat buddy. How do I get beatbuddy to work this way ?..I like the beat buddy am really missing and may have to switch back to my SR 18 for this feature which is overly complicated in the beat buddy for live gigging where you have to toggle from part A to part B and back . The SR-18 simply has 3 buttons A , B and FIll…super simple for switching between parts and fills in a live gigs.

J makes a good point, I am super happy with my Beat Buddy. The only suggestion I would make is, when I’m putting a new song in with multi parts eg. Pink Floyd - Breath/Time, there are 2 distinct parts, with 2 tempo changes, can this be added as a feature so I can just hold down the switch to transit between parts. another eg Brain Damage/Eclipse, 2 parts, with a tempo, and, time signature change,
Keep up the great work, have 300+ songs programmed and still counting!!! LOVE THIS THING!!!

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If you program the song with no transitions, and have the A and B parts, the regular long press will toggle between the A and B parts.

Let me clarify my message as I did Not say I did not need a fill …:
. I have part A Part B “and A FILL “ . I want to toggle between parts A and B without activating the fill ( which beat buddy randomly chooses) . I want to activate the fill separately .
Again in the alesis SR 18 this was so simple to do … press down a foot switch and toggle between A And B press another button and activate a fill …for any pattern ( I don’t need or want to set it up as a song… this way I can use any pattern that comes with beat buddy to do what I want in a live gig ) .
My suggestion to singular sound would be to

A simple solution:

  1. Add a midi command to toggle between parts A and B
  2. Add another midi command to activate a fill
    That way I can program the parts to switch from a to b or B to A on a single button press and activate tha fill on a separate button press .

A better solution ( in addition to the solution above … not a resplacement of the above solution ) :
Have more than one midi command for activating different parts
Press A to have it play part A
Press B to have it play part B
Have more than one midi command to activate different fills
Pressing C activates fill A
Pressing D activates fill B

You`ll need a Midi Controller…
You can set the transition Command (CC113) to go to the next part (value 127(If you only have to parts, you can change them with that one button)), or, if you have more Songparts, you can programm buttons for every part (CC 113 value = Part)… (Press release send value0 to end Transition).
For Fills you need CC 112, but unfortunately fills are played either randomly or in a row, no way to select specific fill with dedicated buttons.
I would also like to change fills in the way as changing parts…

Thanks Dennis, will need to try out to see if it part helps the problem. But yes, would be lovely to have singular sound support choosing your fills.
if I buy the extra beat buddy footswitch that gives me two extra buttons. Can I then use one button to toggle the different parts and the other button to toggle the fills ?

Hi Everybody ,
Midi speaking I guess it should be possible, but in the real use I wonder, someone could tell me if you can sync a beat buddy and 2 x aeros all 3 together (the beat buddy controlling the 2 loopers)?
Maybe you would think it’ s a stupid question but with 2 loopers I could extend the number of inputs and outputs…

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