BeatBuddy with Win10 on Surface Pro / Galaxy Book

Has anyone had luck with the BeatBuddy manager on a MS Surface Pro or Samsung Galaxy Book?

Considering buying a small laptop/2 in1 to get the editing done while traveling but not sure if the BB Mgr will function on it.

I know you need to upgrade to Win 10 Pro to download outside Win Store, but fear spending the $50 and finding it still won’t work.

Also hoping to use TC Helicons software on it,but primarily for the BB and Midi Editing.

Thanks for any experience you’ve had.

I use a Galaxy Book and BeatBuddy Manager works on it with no problems. I had the same concern, but no problems setting my BB on it. You will need a USB adapter to connect the BB to USB-C. Also, an adapter for the SD card to USB-C. The Galaxy book only has USB-C ports (2).


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