Anybody find some beatles, Beatbuddy matches?


Beatles tracks

I started with the rockably style songs as they’re pretty easy to match without the management software. There is no half-time country beat so I took the polka beat, slowed it way down, and switched the kit to brushes

Baby’s In Black: Odd Times - 3, brushes, 104bpm
I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party: World - Polka, brushes, 95bpm
I’m a Looser: World - Polka, brushes 95bpm
I’ve Just Seen a Face: World - Polka, brushes, 239bpm
If I Needed Someone: Country - 5, brushes, 127bpm

The half-time country beat would also work for Act Naturally, What Goes On, Don’t Pass Me By, Honey Don’t, etc. You could do Hard Days Night but you really want the open hi-hat for that


Are you sure there is nothing in the oldies section? When I first got the BB I went through the oldies folder and heard lots of typical 60s beats many sounded like Beatles beats.


How about any from the white album, let it be , abbey road?