Beats for Jim Croce's song


Hi everyone
so I just got my Beatbuddy today
have been playing it for hours
but just curious what is the beat for Jim Croce’s song like Operator and Bad Bad Leroy Brown??


There is a beats thread on the forum. They have come up with a long list of beats.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce Country 1 144

The full list is currently posted here: … s.pdf?dl=0


but are there any tips to help to recognize the beat more easily?


I am not entirely sure what tips you want. How would you like to recognize your beats better? I think it mostly comes down to experience. Just go through all the songs, listen, experiment and adapt. At any time you can make your own song, provided you have MIDI files (or know how to create and edit them). But this difficulty will soon be solved, as a native MIDI editor will come into BBManager.