Begginer Question : Is there a drumkit with Bass in specific Keys?

I am auld. Strummer player … now with BB. Is there a drumset , with bass in G ? most of what I play is in G

The basses are chromatic, usually starting at C, D, Eb or E, up to G (12fret high string on the bass). The first lowest bass note that is a G, is 7, on at 0-31 kit, (or at 2-31, or 2-28, 7 is the low G. On at 62-91 kit, the lowest G is 67. from there it is just build your scale. 67, 69, 71, 72, 74, 76, 78, 79. or 7,9,11,12,14,16,18, 19.

Sorry I’m being thick. I have a couple of songs that say they have bass. But the bass. Has a wee star next to it. *pbass. Hoe. Do I get a drum set that will play this? Is it auto ?

The star means the kit with that name is recommended for the song. You can search the Forum’s drum kit’s section for that kit. If you find it, install it using BB Manager, File>import>Drum set. Then, scroll to the bottom of you drum set list and click the box in front of the kit’s name. This will make the kit active. The asterisk should go away, and the song should play. What is the exact full name of the kit being displayed with an asterisk?

Thanks For the help Phil.
So as a newby I saw songs on the user generated site and downloaded
What I don’t have are: *SuperBassG : *NPStandard Pro BASS : *Rock with Bass

Also another wee question… I did pay and downloaded a couple of kits Vintage Ludwing, Jazz brushes and Ballad, i then listed to a clip and decided to look inside the drumkits …even the preinstalled ones …now they are all blue ticked …BBmanager now does not like moving between songs and drum sets
Have I done something wrong? can I unblue tick sets but still have them play in songs?

This will get you started on kits.

As far as the blue ticking goes, if you already had the kit, it won’t have disappeared. Just make sure the check box in front of the kit’s name is checked in the drum kit list. If the kit appears to be disconnected from a song, just reselect the kit as the default kit for that song.

When you open a kit to look at it, BBM thinks you changed it. This may mean you then need to reselect the kit for your songs. This is one of the many bugs that have never been fixed.

Cheers Phil , list makes sense , where can I go to download the right drums?

Search in this subForum. You should find the kits or substitute versions for the kits. For example, many of my kits are posted, but without the old NP tag in their name. This is usually explained in the kit description.

Cheers phil

Is there a limit to the number of drumsets you can have before the BB falls over?