Best software to use with BB and the connections required

I have been seeing a lot of people on here saying they are using Onsong with the BB. I am looking into this, as I currently use Setlists. But if the Onsong is more compatible with the BB then I have no problem switching, and it looks like the Onsong does something similar to the Jam Session in Setlist.

That being said I have the lightning connector on my Ipad so what would I need to make the connection to the BB and make it work properly, and can this be used in a “live” gig.

Thanks in advance for any help at all.

I would suggest something like the iRig Midi 2
I’ve got the earlier model and it always works great with whatever I am hooking up although I don’t use it with my BB, there’s no reason it will not work.

I would suggest the PUC+. It is bluetooth - no connectors needed on the IPAD.