Best woofer or subwoofer

I’ll need a help. Someone tell me what kind of woofers cheaper will be better to reproduce a real sound from this pedal in a gig?

I’m thinking in a subwoofer or a keyboard’s amplifier.

Some users speak highly of k/b amplifiers DA 200S Simmons (12" speaker) or a Roland KC-550 (15" speaker).

I’m certain there’ll be several replies pop up.

I have one ampli to the guitar, so i would like a clear sound (like the earphone) to voice and BB .
Can i use the beatbuddy and a mic with KC 550 or DA 200S?

Pretty sure you can with the Roland as it has more flexibility with its inputs. Not sure that the Simmons has that same flexibility. Here’s a link to other users’ thoughts: AMPS: KC550 vs DA200s - VDrums Forum