Beta version for testing the Auto-Pilot mode?

I was getting news and notices re these beta versions for testing, but somehow I don’t seem to be getting them anymore? Can anyoen direct me to the beta version for testing the auto-pilot please?


Can I ask what the “Auto-Pilot” is that you’re referring to? Sounds promising… perhaps even something I requested a long time ago. Thanks!

I might have the BBM 1.7 Windows installer if that’s what you’re after? I remember it had the autopilot feature but had at least one major bug that meant it couldn’t replace 1.65. I can’t remember what the issues were though.

That sound like it might be the right one. As I recall it was 1.6.7 on the Mac, and I hated it. I kept using 1.6.6b forever.

Yes, it was v1.7 for Windows. One of the issues was, there was no audio when trying to play song or part

oky dokes so there is one…no sound would be a major bug…if that is fixed in the beta, where would I be able to obtain a copy…I have backups of backups so playing around with this stuff is no issue :slight_smile:

1.7 was the last version I saw, and I was also signed up for the beta.

You could always export the autopilot song to the beat buddy to listen to it, if you’re feeling lucky. They said at the time that the firmware supported auto pilot.

Thanks G.O.W. Do you have any idea of where I could find a copy of the beta? Like you I signed on to do beta testing but essentially, apart from some silly emails (I am sure they were designed to be fun!!) I have seen nothing…sorta kinda hoping NAMM would have seen some movement but afaics, still nothing :frowning:

Send me a message with your email or other file sharing mechanism and I’ll give you the installer. I suspect singular sound wouldn’t appreciate having it on the forum again.

Yep will do away from PC at the mo but I will thx :blush:

I’m waiting for an answer to this as well.



Can I ask what the “Auto-Pilot” is that you’re referring to? Sounds promising… perhaps even something I requested a long time ago. Thanks!

Auto pilot is when you can take a multipart song and configure it to play some parts or the whole song in sequence rather than looping and waiting for the player to change parts with the pedal.

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You mean they’re actually developing something we’ve requested? Wow… that’s awesome. I hope it is coming soon! :+1: Better late than never i suppose. :grinning:

Is this on the coming “soon” list too? This thread is old. If it was in beta a year and a half ago where is it now?

I’ve learned that development around the beatbuddy and BBM is basically an abyss. Ideas go in but nothing ever comes out. Thankfully the product works ok as is… but I’d never buy anything else from singular. Even their new stuff is riddled with issues. They are more concerned with releasing new stuff and sending ridiculous emails than developing existing products for improvement.
Just my 2 cents.

Hey there!

I understand this sentiment but it’s not completely true:

We have multiple products that are undergoing active development and are in different stages of that development for each one.

We cannot spend time on one thing without sacrificing another.

The team that was originally in charge of this project has been retasked to a better suited project for them and we have a stronger team in charge of this now and have undergone a much more thorough and practical design process than we ever have.

We have tried many times before to update the code that has made the 1.x.x.x BBM unfixable to this point, but have realized the only solution is a clean, concise BBM 2.0 that does all the things that 1.x.x.x can but better and more akin to what users expect in 21st century DAW settings. This and an AutoPilot system. The only part we are not planning (to speed up initial release) is a MIDI editor.

We understand this is all talk, and we can’t show you anything right now, but we are working and this is one of our top priorities to getting finished ASAP.

Thank you for all your thoughts but we promise this is not the end of BBM development.

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I for one, believe in the promise of what this system of these units (BB, Aeros, and MM) will be able to achieve together as they all mature with firmware developments!

So many great innovative designs/features beyond what the “big boys’” are implementing…add to it the response and transparency of the support team is not matched (in my opinion) by any competitors