Better visibility for project and path and other display requests

I could never tell which project I was working on and where the BBManager was going to save my project from the main display. Tonight I discovered the black text for the project name hidden on a dark grey bar. There seems to be enough room at the top of the screen for a [more visible] status bar or maybe a drop down button for things like:

Project Name
Changes waiting to be saved, Y or N
Synchronized with the SD card, Y or N

I’d also like a way to see and perhaps change the BB configuration settings from BBManager as reflected in the current project. Folks may want different configuration settings depending on the type of music they’re playing. Pretty much anything in the configuration settings should be visible from BBManager since it’s now obvious that the BB configuration file is part of a Project, not isolated to the BB. A separate drop down button along side one for the Project Info might be the way to go here too.