"Big" Endings

So my duo does a lot of songs where there’s a lead or jam at the end (Comfortably Numb for example). When we want to have a big ending, I use the Accent cymbal crash on the extension pedal as the drum part by just spamming the crash button while I fast-strum the last chord.

However, I’d much rather have a true outro where it goes somewhat free form like a real band would do Something that would be like a measure or two of just drums, snare, kick, cymbals, with an proper ending like snare roll->tom roll->final ba ba ba BAP…

Anyway, are there any premium songs that have examples of this, or One-Press forum songs that would have something like that I could part out and repurpose? Have you guys found any solutions for this type of thing? Seems really tedious to build out, but if you had a handful ofd different flavors you could just pick the outro that best worked for the song.

Groove Monkee has short (as well as some longer) endings/outros in their GM_Country and GM_Contemporary_Rock content.

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