Big Thanks for the new Manager 1.6.4 with the fix for the basslines.

530 Days ago I had a dream. I had had the Beatbuddy for about 5 months but what I really wanted was not just a drum pedal but a pedal that played both drums and bass. So on a sunday night over about 5 or 6 hours I worked out how to add basslines in to the beatbuddy using two octaves of bass samples. It ended up working really well and has served me well all this time but there was only one problem with it. When a bass sample was cut short by either another note or silence there was an audible pop or clicking noise that could get quite audible.

Finally with the release of the new beatbuddy manager this issue has been fixed and i am happy as a pig in shit. I had a listen through some of my songs and I only found one song (Higher Ground) that still had a little of the pop in it but it was very low. I think it might be a little pop from the start of the note. It was almost unlistenable before on that song.

For my use the Beatbuddy is now perfect and exactly what I wished for from the first time I heard about it. It took a while to get to here but I would like to send a big thanks to the beatbuddy team.

Cheers big ears.

Hi Guitar Stu,

Where can I find the download for the new BB Manager 1.6.4 you are talking about?


It should prompt you to update when you launch BBmanag

Cheers jstrauss - will look out for this once I’m from work:)


Sorry jstrauss - opening the BBManager, it doesn’t prompt me for the latest BBM download not can I find an update button … can you please point me where to look?


Send a Private message to member persist he should be able to send you a link

Try following the screen shots. You may have to click the Refresh button; if that still doesn’t work, unclick the checkbox in the bottom left.


Like TheWolf2013 I’m not seeing the option to update it either. The screenshots look like Mac, I’m running PC if that is different?

Cheers persist - all fine :slight_smile:

The principle is the same.

Life is good!

I get that part but don’t have the option, running

DPhillips. Please check your forum Inbox for a link to a previous beta that you can install that will allow you to use the autoupdate. Please make sure to follow the instructions in the PM that you get from me.

Perfect! Worked great!

Good deal.

Sweet! Had no idea this was coming but upon launching I was prompted to update. Unfortunately the auto-update didn’t properly close BB Mgr so I had to use task manager to kill it as it wasn’t responding. The install seemed to progress fine from there.

2 questions - how do we actually use the midi editor? All options are greyed out and I don’t see any avenue that enables them. And is autopilot part of this release or not? Realize that’s probably a dumb question but I have no idea what to even look for…

right click song part to use Midi editor. I do not think auto pilot is out yet

Autopilot is present but hidden in this latest release and once the firmware catches up, it will be enabled.
To use the Midi Editor, right-click on a song section and it will bring up a sub-menu; select Edit; see screen shot.

It will then bring up a dialog box asking if you want to quantize (suggest choosing No); the Midi Editor displays.

Doh! I did that but in all my excitement to have the editor totally missed the Edit option. What a knucklehead :oops:

*Update to 1.6.4 *