Bluetooth headphone

Hey all I thought I’d try a Bluetooth transmitter and wireless head phones with my beatbuddy as a way of hearing the bb better while having the beatbuddy vol sitting under the guitars. I have trouble hearing the beat especially when I’ve got the guitar vol turned up. I’ve used a wired earpiece which worked well. I thought wireless might be better
Ive discovered that when using the Bluetooth option the beat is in time but the first and second beat are reversed so for example the bass beat falls on the second beat and the snare us on the first beat
Has anyone tried doing this and had the same problem?

My experience with Bluetooth has been that there is latency in the signal. What you hear is a signal that goes into the circuit and is converted to a digital radio signal that also contains the coding for communication with the receiving device. The receiver captures the radio signal and decodes it, verifying that it was sent by its paired device and strips the audio message out of the code to be sent to your headphones. the carrier frequency is too low for this to be handled in “real time”. There’s too much going on behind the scenes.

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Yes seems like this is the case The audio is OK if you use headphones only and don’t run the audio out to an amp simultaneously, which I would like to do. I’m wondering if it would work better by connecting the Bluetooth transmitter to the audio out jack rather than the headphone jack. But taking into account what you said it would probably be the same.

it would because the delay is in the Bluetooth not the BeatBuddy headphone jack.

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Yes, I found this to be the case. I tried to use a BT transmitter/receiver system to eliminate a cable. There was significant latency.

The one I’m using is in time but 1 beat out. So I’m thinking of using it at open mics such that I can have it playing in my ear but no-one else can hear it. That way I can keep in time and have a beat to groove with while playing my guitar with vocal and footstomp. That might be cool. Other times when I want the beat to be heard I can use a wired in ear headphone which doesn’t have any latency.