Bluetooth Onsong & midi sync Infinity Looper?

Hey All!

I`ve been using my BB with my Infinity Looper via midi and all is fantastic there. I am also a long time user of Onsong for lyrics / song pool / setlist etc.

I would like to start using the Bluetooth / Onsong / Beatbuddy option so i don`t have to stick to setlists, can select any song within my OnSong books and it loads up on the Beatbuddy. I am currently using the external foot switch to scroll up and down songs on Beatbuddy via pre made setlists.

I can`t seem to see this is doable as the Bluetooth dongle takes up both the in and out ports, yet i still need my Infinity Looper connected via midi… I am missing a simple solution here?

Is anybody doing this / have any experience?

Thanks in advance.


Midi Solutions thru box, and a midi extension cable.

Thanks Phil.

I imagined it had to be simple… I`m completely new to the world of midi.