Brand new and can’t seat SD card

I just took my Beat Buddy out of the box and I can’t get the SD card in. It goes about half way and won’t go in anymore and says no SD card on the screen. I take it I have a defective unit?

The card slot – like all card slots but moreso – can be a bit finnicky. Make sure you’ve got it oriented correctly and keep it straight. If it stops halfway in, try wiggling it back and forth to realign it.

Now, I suspect you knew/have already tried all of this, but I mention it just in case. First question in tech support is, “Is it plugged in?”


do you have another SD card yo can try? Might have a damaged one there.

Good luck – update us!


Ya! I tried everything. Issued a return and Amazon is sending a replacement.

Got the new replacement and it works perfect! The one I sent back was definitely defective.

Great news! A bit of a drag, but great news!