Bug with using Reaper Created Midi's

If you are using Reaper to create midi’s you may have some trouble when putting them into a song in BBM(BB Manager).

In BBM 1.33 I could not put a midi from reaper straight into BBM and had to load it into another midi editor (I use the free MidiEditor) and save it in that program then it would load in. This was fixed with BBM 1.40. But I was going back and redoing some songs and I tried to load in a midi part to a song that had just been saved with reaper but BBM said it had to many events 583. I knew it didn’t have that many.
I loaded the midi into “MidiEditor” and just saved it with no modifications and presto it’s good to use in BBM again.


Some time ago when parsing MIDI files, I’ve run into the issue that a file contains many more events than it should. A simple file open and save (with no modifications) fixed that as well.

I recall I have created a MIDI file with a lot of redundant events with my Guitar Pro 5.2 after I took a long track and deleted almost all the notes. All the MIDI Note On and Off events were gone, but a lot of channel volume changes and channel instrument changes events were left. I believe Reaper may be doing the same.

I’ve personally found it best to simply copy-paste a desired track part to a new window of Guitar Pro, that I will immediately export as MIDI to use in BBManager.

Anyways, most likely BBManager counts MIDI events incorrectly. It should only count Note On events, as it simply throws away everything else.